2019 has brought some changes to our business.  Elite Landscape Maintenance will

now "ONLY"  provide Pesticide Treatments (Fertilizers & Chemicals) for your

Lawn & Landscape needs, as well as  Bed Maintenance and Core Aeration. 

Majestic Landscape Services will perform all other Services described below. 

We have unveiled our New Company Logo to coincide with these changes. 

Check out out website for more information. www.majesticlandscapeservices.com


Mowing, Trimming, and Edging: Mowing season is between mid-April- mid-October (up to 27 weeks)  More than 70% of all our properties are double cut for evenness of lawn. Our mowing pattern is changed weekly. Removal of trash, no visible clumps, when physically possible, trim all un-mowed areas, mow at 3”, mechanical edge all curbs and walks. No asphalt will be edged. The last two cuts of the season will be spread out into 10-day cuts; we will lower the lawn ½” as well. No discounts if we are sent away or customer wants a cut skipped.

Spring Cleanup: Performed 3/14 to 4/21 (weather dictates).  Clean turf and landscape beds free of leaves and debris. Dead heading of perennials in the spring is extra and will not be done unless authorized. If no fall clean-up was done by Majestic Landscape, we will need to inspect for possible price change.

Fall Cleanup: Performed 10/16 to Thanksgiving, weather permitting. Clean turf and landscape beds free of leaves and debris. We will blow/dump leaves on site or remove from property. Dead heading of perennials is an extra cost. Fall Cleanup only customers must pay in full to be scheduled. We are not responsible for damage done to low level, exterior pathway lights while providing service.

Pruning (Professional): Performed two or more times per season. (depends on plant’s blooming season)  Pruning of low growing shrubs to a proper shape, pruning of Ornamental trees (less than 10 feet), hand pruning will be performed where necessary. All debris will be properly disposed of offsite.

Initial Landscape Bed Preparation: Clean out all beds prior to mulch installation or bed maintenance services.

Bark/Mulch Installation: We will lay a Pre-emergent (for weed control) under the new mulch. Bark/Mulch is laid 2-4” thick for maximum weed suppression. One yard of mulch will cover 80 sq. ft. at 4” deep. If previous seasons mulch is not fully depleted, we will top-dress the existing 1-2” of mulch (1 yard=160 sq. ft.) May 1st to October 1st.

Perennial Care: Dead heading of all perennials (Hosta, Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, etc.) can be done in the spring or fall, but this is best done in the fall with the fall cleanups, which will make your yard look better. This also will make all blooming plants grow better the next season simply because they are not trying to grow through the dead plant material.

Lawn Dethatching: We will make a criss cross pattern over the lawn using a heavy metal rake to pull out the old excess thatch from the lawn. While dethatching, we suck up the thatch and remove it offsite where needed. This will promote a healthy root system and allow water and nutrients to better penetrate the roots. Some thatch is always good, but too much is harmful for the turf. Usually done in cooler months.