Here is a detailed list of the services we provide.

Service list may change before the beginning of Spring 2019.


Turf Fertilizing and Weed Control:  Performed 3/1 to 11/15, weather permitting.

We will apply 4 to 5 applications spread out as evenly as possible through the spring, summer, and fall months or which ever you would like.

     1st Application: Spring – Pre Emergent (crab grass preventer) and balanced nutrient fertilizer.

     2nd Application: Late spring/early summer – we will apply an all around quality slow release fertilizer and blanket spray Tri-Mec broadleaf weed control.

     3rd Application: Early summer/summer – we will apply an all around quality 50% slow release fertilizer and spot spray Tri-Mec broadleaf weed control.

     4th Application: Summer/Fall – we will apply an all around quality 50% slow release fertilizer and spot or blanket spray Tri-Mec broadleaf weed control as needed.

     5th Application: Fall – We will apply an all around quality 50% slow release fertilizer and spot or blanket spray Tri-Mec broadleaf weed control as needed.

* If you want actual fertilizing numbers please call.

Lime Application: Helps balance the pH in your soil to create a hospitable environment that encourages stronger root systems.

Grub Control: Performed early spring and early summer. If you have grubs, you have at least three generations.

     Dylox: Kills grub larvae before they turn into beetle form. Grubs feed on the roots of turf grass.

     Merit: Kills grubs that are in the more advanced generation phase. Moles main source of food is grubs.

     Merit-Mid Summer: Helps prevent their reproduction for 3 months as an extended release product.

Mole Control: Can be used in conjunction with the grub control as a seasonal program or one-time application.

Mosquito Control: Can be used as a seasonal program or as a one-time treatment for that special occasion.

Core Aeration: Opens soil to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone of the turf. The core plugs help to reduce the amount of thatch build up in your lawn. This is second only to fertilizing in benefiting the over all appearance of your lawn. Note: We are not responsible for underground dog fences.

Tree / Shrub Fertilizing: Performed in the spring and when trees go dormant. Most trees will grow 30% - 50% faster than non-fertilized trees. We deep root inject balanced fertilizer (50% slow release). A healthy tree will be more disease and insect resistant.

Tree / Shrub Foliar Spray: Performed late spring and summer. These applications will control insects and fungi to keep trees healthy and happy. We spray with a wand keeping the solution from covering other things in your yard besides trees, weather permitting.

Dormant Oil: Performed just before winter after trees or shrubs have gone dormant. This will protect the buds that will break the following season; Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and all ornamental trees need this service.

Spring Cleanup: Performed 3/14 to 4/21 (weather dictates).

Clean turf and landscape beds free of leaves and debris. Dead heading of perennials in the spring is extra and will not be done unless authorized. If no fall clean-up was done, we will need to inspect for possible price change.

Fall Cleanup: Performed 10/16 to Thanksgiving, weather permitting. Clean turf and landscape beds free of leaves and debris. We are very thorough. Dead heading of perennials is an extra cost. Fall Cleanup only customers must pay in full to be scheduled. We are not responsible for damage done to low level, exterior pathway lights while providing service.

Pruning (Professional): Performed two or more times per season. (See contract)

Pruning of low growing shrubs to a proper shape, pruning of Ornamental trees (less than 10 feet), hand pruning will be performed where necessary. All debris will be disposed of offsite properly.

Landscape Bed Maintenance: Performed every 3 weeks.

We will manually pull all weeds taller than 2” and spray with weed killer all weeds less than 2”. This provides weed free landscape beds and parking lots for maximum curb effect. More than 80% of our customers choose this portion of our service, relieving you of maintenance backaches. This does require us to have a special license.

Initial Landscape Bed Preparation-Clean out all beds prior to mulch installation or bed maintenance services.

Bark/Mulch Installation: We will lay a Pre-emergent (for weed control) under the new mulch. Bark/Mulch is laid 2-4” thick for maximum weed suppression. Elite Landscape Maintenance recommends the use of color enhanced mulch for maximum color retention. One yard of mulch will cover 80 sq. ft. at 4”. If previous seasons mulch is not fully depleted, we will top-dress the existing 1-2” of mulch (1 yard=160 sq. ft.) May 1st to October 1st.

Overseeding: Performed all year except in the winter season. A heavy mixture of quality seed and started fertilizer is used to thicken up the turf. This will promote a dense root system which makes the lawn less susceptible to problems with diseases and drought periods. The best results will require a fertilizing and weed control program along with plenty of water. Turf will be aerated 3-4 times to loosen soil compaction.

Perennial Care: Dead heading of all perennials (Hostas, Daylilies, and Ornamental Grasses, etc.) can be done in the spring or fall – this is the best to do in the fall while done with the fall cleanups. This will make all blooming plants grow better simply because they are not trying to grow through the dead plant material. This will make fall clean up easier and cleaner.

Lawn Dethatching: We will make a criss cross pattern over the lawn using a heavy metal rake to pull out the old excess thatch from the lawn. We will then suck up the thatch and remove it offsite where needed. This will promote a healthy root system and allow water and nutrients to better penetrate the roots. Some thatch is always good, but too much is harmful for the turf. Usually done in cooler months.

Billing & Payments: Payments are due 15 days from the date of invoice. Elite Landscape Maintenance reserves the right to cancel contract after 30 days past due. Finance charges will apply on all past due invoices. Fuel surcharges may apply. Additional 3% surcharge will be applied if paying with a credit card.

Service Routing: We route your services via our computer automated routing software in order to be as efficient as possible. If you do not call at least 1 day ahead to cancel a service for the next day you will be charged for the service even if we are not able to complete everything.

Cancellation of Contract: All signed contracts may be terminated within 30 days, only with written notice. If contract cancellation is committed within 30 days, Elite Landscape Maintenance reserves the right to invoice contract difference.