Here is a detailed list of the services we provide.


Basic Fertilizing Program (6 Visits)

 Program consists of 2 applications of pre-emergent with fertilizer, 3 rounds of fertilizer with minerals, 1 complete blanket spray of weed control, and spot spray of broadleaf weeds after each weed control visit. Approximately 6 weeks apart. Does not include spot spraying of crabgrass.

Select Fertilizing Program (7 Visits)

Program consists of 2 applications of pre-emergent with fertilizer, 3 rounds of fertilizer with minerals, 1 complete blanket spray of weed control, spot spray of broadleaf weeds & crabgrass after weed control visits, and 1 spring lime application. Approximately 6 weeks apart.

Fall Lime Application (1 Visit)

Lime will be applied to your lawn to help neutralize acidic soil. Usually done in the late summer/early fall.

Mole / Insect Defense Program (Up to 4 Visits)

Applications will be provided as follows; Spring – DYLOX for mass killing of existing grubs; Early Summer – MERIT to kill remaining larva.

Mole Control bait inserts to exterminate moles. (up to 2 Visits included upon request)

Mosquito Defense Program (7 Visits)

Program starts beginning of June - October; visits are usually every 21 Days. Protect your family & pets from mosquito carrying viruses. Ask about One-Time Spraying for Special Events.

Landscape Bed Maintenance (9 Visits)

Weed killer applications are performed every 3 weeks. We manually pull all weeds taller than 2” and spray remaining smaller weeds for preventive maintenance of root growth. Weed control requires us to have a special license.

Insect Defense for Landscape Beds (4 Visits)

Application of insecticide to protect your home and landscape beds from insects. Services are applied Late Spring - (May – June); Early Summer - (June – July); Summer App - (July-Aug) Fall app - (Aug-Sept) Visits are usually 4-5 weeks apart.

Fertilizing for Landscape Beds (3 Visits)

3 visits of fertilizer are applied to provide nutrients for your landscape bed perennials & shrubs. Applications are done early May, July, and early September.

Tree & Shrub Foliar Spray Program (3 Visits)

A healthy tree will be more disease and insect resistant. Starting May through October, preventative maintenance of insect control and disease/fungus control for your shrubs and trees is preformed. Applications will not burn or harm your other landscape foliage. Trees over 20’ can be added for additional cost.

Turf Core Aeration

Aeration relieves soil compaction which opens the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. It also reduces the amount of thatch build up for a better the overall appearance of your yard. Note: Customer must flag sprinkler heads. We are not responsible for damage to underground dog fences or irrigation systems.

Lawn Overseeding

A heavy mixture of quality seed and starter fertilizer is used to thicken your lawn, promoting a dense root system that is less susceptible to problems with diseases and drought periods. Best results will require a fertilizer and weed control program along with plenty of water. Turf will be aerated during this process to loosen soil compaction.

Billing & Payment

Three or more services are required. Payments are due 15 days from the date of invoice. A 2% finance charge may apply on all past due invoices. An additional fee for paying with credit card will be assessed. Monthly and yearly payment plans are available; please contact our office for more details. Fuel surcharges may apply. Customer must order 3 or more services and/or at least our Basic Fertilizing program to use 5% discount.

Service Routing

We route your services via computer automated routing software to be as efficient as possible. A 24 hour notice is required to cancel a service for the next day at no charge. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be reimbursed.

Customer Contract Cancellation

Contract cancellations must allow 30 days notice in writing. If contract cancellation is not given 30 days notice, Elite Fertilizing & Weed Control reserves the right to invoice for contract differences and cancel contract after 30 days past due.