2023 has brought some changes to our business.  Elite Fertilizing & Weed Control will

now "ONLY"  provide Pesticide Treatments (Fertilizers & Chemicals) for your

Lawn & Landscape needs, as well as  Bed Maintenance and Core Aeration. 

Majestic Landscape Services will perform all other Services described below. 

Check out our website for more information. www.majesticlandscapeservices.com


Spring Clean-up (1 Visit Performed by 3/14 to 4/21)

Includes removal of visible winter debris in lawn and landscape beds. Dead heading of perennials can be done at an additional charge, see Perennial Care Below. Pricing is subject to change if no fall clean-up was performed by Majestic Landscape Services the prior season.

Lawn Dethatch (Performed in Spring)

A criss-cross pattern is made using a heavy metal rake to pull out old excess thatch from your lawn. Old thatch is removed off-site when necessary. This will promote a healthy root system, allowing nutrients to better penetrate the roots. Some thatch is always good, but too much is harmful for your lawn.

Mowing, Trimming, & Edging (Performed mid April to mid October – up to 27 cuts)

Lawns will be mowed at approximately 3” with minimal grass clumps and are often double cut for evenness, with mowing patterns changing weekly. All un-mowed areas will be string trimmed. Curbs and sidewalks are mechanically edged, excluding asphalt. Debris removal is included. If circumstances out of our control prevent us from providing service, you will not be discounted or reimbursed.

Initial Bed Prep Services

Redefining your landscape beds from overgrowth, removing over wintering grass and weeds, and applying pre-emergent weed control to slow future weed growth. All beds are cleared and prepped prior to mulch installation or bed maintenance services.

Bark / Mulch (Performed 3/15 to 10/1)

Bark/Mulch is laid 2-4” thick for maximum weed suppression. An additional protection of pre-emergent for weed control is applied under the new mulch. One yard of mulch will cover 80 sq. ft. at 4” deep. If previous seasons’ mulch is not fully depleted, we will top-dress the existing 1-2” of mulch. (1 yard=160 sq. ft.)

Pruning (Performed 2-3 Times through the Summer – Depending the Plant’s Blooming Season)

Low growing shrubs and ornamental trees less than 10 feet are pruned to their proper shape. Hand pruning is performed when necessary at an additional charge. All debris is properly disposed of off-site.

Perennial Care (Performed 10/1 to 11/15)

Dead heading of all perennials (Hostas, Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, etc.) Dead heading allows blooming plants to grow better the next season. This service is available in the spring or fall, but is best done in combination with Fall Clean-up (See Below).

Fall Clean-up (2 Visits, 3 for Mowing Customers, Performed in the Fall)

Includes clearing lawn and landscape beds of leaves and debris. Leaves will be blown and dumped on-site or removed from the property. Dead heading of perennials can be done at an additional charge, see Perennial Care above. We will not be responsible for any damage to low level, exterior pathway lights while providing services.

Billing & Payment

Three or more services are required. Payments are due 15 days from the date of invoice. A 2% finance charge may apply on all past due invoices. An additional fee for paying with credit card will be assessed. Monthly and yearly payment plans are available; please contact our office for more details. Fuel surcharges may apply.

Service Routing

We route your services via computer automated routing software to be as efficient as possible. A 24 hour notice is required to cancel a service for the next day at no charge. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be reimbursed.

Customer Contract Cancellation

Cancellations must allow 30 days notice in writing. If contract cancellation is not given 30 days notice, Majestic Landscape Services reserves the right to invoice for contract differences and cancel contract after 30 days past due.