When to Overseed?:

    In Michigan, late August to mid-September is the ideal

time to seed all grass types.  The soil is warm yet the air has cooled down from

summer temperatures.

     However, most homeowners don’t want to go through the summer with a spotty

lawn.  Mid to late spring can be a suitable time to reseed bare patches in the lawn,

after frost warnings are lifted.  The soil temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees

for grass to germinate at a normal rate.  Waiting longer gives the soil more time to

warm up to about 60 degrees and improves your success rate.  Given sufficient

moisture, the seed will germinate quicker with the added warmth, depending on the

seed type.


How often should I Overseed my Lawn?:

    If you reseed every three to four years you re-establish the lawn before it begins to

thin out.  This ensures the lawn stays thick and dense, which prevents weeds from

invading.  If you have pets or areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, you may have to

reseed more often to prevent bare patches.